Monday, November 20, 2006

Happy Birthday

To The Midget Diaries!

Well, I guess I was caught up in my own world to celebrate the start of this blog. But since the entire blogging idea was an after thought why shouldn't the birthday celebration be one? :p

Thanks for humouring me for so long. Sometimes I wonder how some of you still manage to open this link since I rarely do that nowadays :p

As this will be the only legacy that I can actually pass (or rather force) on to my daughter, I shall keep it as interesting as one can ever hope to keep an online diary :D

Behind open doors

Well, I've never performed good in any test unless I sneaked away to do something I was not supposed to, like I am doing now :D

A blog is a fun place to vent out your darkest feelings, especially if you are anonymous. But when you are not shrouded in anonymity, how do you get rid of all those pent up emotions? How do you veil in subtlety how much you hate your best friends for not being in touch, or for being in touch for all the wrong reasons?

How does one differentiate between 'being comfortable' and 'taken for granted'? Why is it okay not to openly tell anyone how much you miss them and assume they would understand the underlying love? I don't know.

Did you know I am the friend you don't have to be in constant touch with but can call after N days/months/years and still have a conversation as if it was just yesterday that we last met? Maybe the world does need people like us. Maybe instead of missing them I should stay in touch with the handful who actually write to me; the lost souls I found after zillion years.

6 years ago, a wise friend told me not to expect anything from anyone and THAT was the secret to life, love and everything. Nestled under a rajai with Reo Speedwagon in the background I must confess I never gave it a second thought. Until now. The wise man is much wiser now, lives miles apart and talks, well, once in a few months so maybe there is some truth to it. Or maybe not.

Gaah. I don't know. I 've never seen that magic point beyond which all pain stops. Like Roark said. 26 years it didn't bother me and I know it will be another 26 years before I actually do something about it.

Till then, I shall walk around my house, running to the door at the slightest noise for someone who might lose their way to my home.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Two Tiny Reasons

why I long to be in India, right now!