Sunday, October 08, 2006

Will you do fraanship with me?

Nope this post is not about the million "friendly" people on Orkut.
Rather it's about the gazillion unfriendly ones on Blogger, spewing venom on the net.

The number of blogs dedicated to just plain mud-slinging may not be in thousands but the few I saw on my bloghopping spree, made me rethink about this entire blogging nirvana. I agree, I am not a saint who loves and forgives all; I loathe certain characters and I love to death a lot of others. But as much as I've made my love public, I don't like to propaganda my hatred except maybe when I talk about my wish to nuke them all :)

One can't even dismiss them as nitwits barking to while away time coz some of the bloggers are really intelligent and smart. Pity! they spend most of their intelligence in writing up such trash. And the Tamil blogging world seems to be caught in some time warp with one gang writing up posts to put down another.

You know, I guess it is pointless even to discuss their drivel but then when sane 30 sth, talented individuals take to brawling and cheap talk in the name of "freedom of speech", I think the whole idea of freedom is lost.

Fall(ing) in Love

We decided to spend the weekend drinking in the Fall colours of New Hampshire along the White Mountain range. But apparently the entire country had the same bright idea and we got caught in some dangerously long traffic jams for almost 1. 5 hours :(

Yet it was definitely wonderful to drive on roads punctuated by orange and red capped trees, to stop by golden streams reflecting the sun and the yellow leaves; the kind of stuff I had only seen on screensavers and postcards a while back.

The weather was pleasant, one of the few gifts Mother Nature still had from her Summer goodie bag and you just can't spend it indoors watching TV. Well, you can but you shouldn't :)

Sigh. The only catch to all this warm colour landscape is the absolute lack of the same that's going to hit us soon. Time to go fancy coat shopping :D

I am a horse


I hate being cooped up and I crave for the wind in my face feeling that comes with freedom and independence. But I completely dislike driving. Don't ask me why. There are never any rational reasons behind many of my likes and dislikes :)

After being in this country for a year and a half, I am yet to learn to drive effortlessly. And the small drives stopped once I discovered Nashua's CityBus Transit :D On our last trip back from Montreal, I drove 115 miles on the highway. Ofcourse after exhibiting such "mastery", one decided not to go for any practise runs in the middle of the night. Two weeks back when The Mr forced me to drive to the Supermarket in the next exit, I fumbled on the ramp, checked my blind spot 4 times before changing lanes and somehow made it in one piece to the parking lot, with him going blah blah on the importance of driving and how bad I am at it.

That's when I realised, I am a horse. I can drive straight like I did on my 115 mile stint; no right or left turns and no changing lanes. Just look ahead and drive and not worry about the dot of a car driving behind us.

Well, with my Visa papers in order and the closest to home I can ever hope to work being 40 miles away, I guess I can't chicken out of driving :(

But I would like to make just one thing clear:
If you don't like the way I drive, stay off the sidewalk!

Sunday, October 01, 2006


The Bachcha jumps back

To all the panelists, analysts and others who wrote off The Patriots -- Bite Me!

A champion team is not just about wins but about its resilience and boy! did this team prove that point in style or what? It was exhilirating to watch the Patriots on the field; the way they ran the ball, scored their touchdowns and how they did all that without any "star receiver" :)

The defence stood their ground and then gained some while the offence had a wonderful run in Lawrence Maroney, the rookie. Corey Dillon's celebration penalty was worth every cent and Brady's career best run was a delight to watch.

Yes, Brady is shades away from his SuperBowl run of 2004 but it won't be long before he gets there and No! that moment is NOT 86 years away :D

In other news (Ooh! I love talking like some jet-setting reporter :p) the match between NY Jets and Colts was interesting. As much as I find Peyton Manning funny, he is definitely a great quarterback, a point he drove down in his last touchdown drive.