Saturday, December 15, 2007

Snowy tales of nothing

Sometimes it is just not easy to write...not when you want to tell it all and yet wish all could be said in just a word.

Tired? That's a no brainer.
Happy? Most of the time.
Breathless? Hell yeah!
Hungry? ALL the time
Sleepy? One loses sleep just trying to turn the belly around.
Excited? You betcha! Just 20 more days to go.
Restless? Aaaaargh... 20 LONG bloody days to go!

Why do moms and kids live in diferent timezones? As a kid, I made every working day for Amma tortuous with my extremely slow reflexes and crazy demands. Amma had to go through a minimum of 5 stories to get me from my bed to the gates of the Daycare centre.
Best part : She could not repeat any story.

I've blabbered nonstop to my kid; from fairytales to crime thrillers, sang lullabies and peppy numbers dangerously off-key, recited my entire day, complained about The Mr, even threw in a bribe of a trip to Australia to meet her Aunt ~D. No change in status. Darn it! The little brat refuses to budge. My eviction notice is gathering dust on the coffee table while the trickster keeps kicking and head-butting me from within.
Note to baby: Oh! you are so grounded from the minute you're born!

Anyways, I am off now to spend the next 30 minutes in finding that elusive "Comfortable" position to sleep in. Irony of it is, the minute I find it, I need to use the bathroom :(

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