Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I Remember

This is an excuse of a song(more a verse) that I wrote on request. Jax, the requestor(?!!) will be composing the music for the same. Why? Well he is much more musically inclined than a head-banging girl penning verses that can never ever be sung :D

This is just version 2 of the "song"[Jax will mail you ver 3!]. I already have an idea for penning a chorus and modifying the lyrics to make it fit the suit of tunes. But that is for another day.
For now, this shall be.

I remember the shine of your eyes –
In the sunlit waves
Rushing towards me,
Caressing my feet.
A tease, a taunt;
Whispering invites
to a new world beyond.

I remember the tinkle of your laughter –
In the pattering of raindrops
On my window pane;
Wanting to join my conversations
Of Keats & Doors
Discussed in the same breath.

I remember the calluses of your hands –
In the pebbles in our garden
Mindlessly kicked around,
As I walked in circles,
Searching outside
For all that I lost within.

I remember your absence –
In the pain of silence
emboldened and enhanced,
As we remain lost
in a kaleidoscope of images
painted by our dreams.

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Useless Truisms #543

The harder you try to rationalize Life, the stronger the absurdity of it all hits you!

-- They don't pay me for this, so let me get back to work.
This is just to let you know I am alive :D

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