Thursday, February 14, 2008

One Giant Disappointment

Well, I couldn't get to it any sooner. Not when one is mourning the end to a 'perfect season'.
The Superbowl came and went. Gosh! I still can't believe we didn't win it. The pressure and strain of going 18-0 finally took its toll. Damn the perfect season.

This so reminds me of the tortoise and hare story. But I guess deep in my heart, I just knew this was coming. Especially when you see I-have-no-idea-what-to-do Eli Manning pull a Bradyesque 47 second drive before halftime to tie the game against Cowboys, you just know Superbowl isn't going to be a walk. It wasn't as thrilling as their regular season matchup and if I wasn't so invested in the Patriots, maybe I would've enjoyed the game. The Giants brought everything to the table and were truly deserving winners.

The NE Patriots lost to the underdog by 3 points. The irony of it is not lost on me.
Aah well, maybe next year we would go 18-1, with a 4th Superbowl title. Till then I shall watch re-runs of Moss and Brady touchdowns :)

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