Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hero Hero...Heraadhi Hero

Disclaimer 1: I - am dark skinned, wear flowers in my hair, am comfortable in sarees, like Kamal, adore RAJNI, consider Madras the best place to live, speak and live Tamizh. If any of the above doesn't make sense to you, don't read further. Thank you and have a good life!

Disclaimer 2: This is not a review. If you want a good one, please read Balaji's, KayKay's, Filbert's or HawkEye's.

Staro Staro Nee SuperStaro!

Sivaji rocks big time! There is no other actor, and I mean NO ONE who can carry a movie with such style as Rajni does. Every frame is lit by Thalaivar's charisma and style. When he does his signature walk with the helicopter in the background, man it is just mindblowing! I almost lost my voice screaming "THALAIVAAA" throughout the movie, much to the amusement of The Mr who sat quietly and watched the movie.

Digression1: I still can't fathom how he can sit like that. The entire theatre was rocking as if a jolt of lightning hit them and screaming hoarse for the Teakada scene and this man sat quiet as if he was watching the ocean. Reminder to self: Said person is husband! Forgive him :p

Mottai Boss is the sexiest and handsomest I've ever seen Rajni look after 'Thambikku Entha Ooru'. My biggest gripe with Shankar was he didn't give Mottai Boss more screen time. Seriously, he just rocked the scene.

I loved the movie. One of the cleanest movies in a long time and it provided wholesome entertainment. Just the "Athiradee" and "Style" songs & Mottai Boss covered the ticket price, the rest were bonuses :)

If I wanna take cudgels against anyone, it would be Shankar and Sujatha for the screenplay and script. Who ever told them Rajni movies don't need a strong story? You don't need a complicated story yes, but even a simple story of revenge of a woman scorned can be elevated to Himalayan heights, if only it is water-tight and solid. Like Padayappa. And seriously he could have done away with that silly truck fight scene and it would have made the movie a li'l crisper in the second half.
But then again, I got to see Thalaivar in his most STYLISH avataram yet and I will definitely thank Shankar for that :) I can't wait for this weekend. The Mr promised to take me to the movie once more. The movie is worth watching multiple times just for Thalaivar's Ishtyle!

Enna thaan sonnalum, Rajni padathula irukkara gethu vera entha padathukkum kidayathu.
If I may plagiarise Kamal's dialogue in PKS, "Rajni padam partha anubavikkanum, arayakoodathu" [If you watch a Rajni movie enjoy it, don't analyse it]

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My life is not your news to share

Don't talk to me. I mean I know I left you in the lurch, ignored you citing many reasons half of which were not true while the other half could be true, if only you would look through my glasses. No, I haven't found anyone else. Except The Mr but he is out of town now.

No that is NOT why I am here. Seriously! I am capable of so much more than that. I didn't mean that. Nope, not that either.

Anyhoo, you see 'Life is Beautiful'. Aaargh! I am not talking about the movie, i am saying my life is beautiful. Yes, technically i should share it with you, what with you being my soul mate even if you are in a public domain. No, I don't think you are the reason why people judge me as insane. They knew I am one even before they decided to meet you.

No I am not embarassed by your lack of wit, or by your silence. I understand you're troubled by my lack of sense and obscene idea of 'keeping in touch'. I will change. Err, is that really my 123rd promise? Sorry, I am a li'l weak in Math.
Ok, fine that is indeed a lame attempt a humour.

Will you please forgive me? No I can't write a poem now. I have to go out for dinner. Yes I am having a ball of a time with The Mr out of town. Yes I miss him. But he is hogging at Red Lobster, Orlando right this moment, so I have a right to have Upma and Sambhar at a friend's place while watching 'Devil wears Prada'.

Yeah, I need to crib to you about a few collagues, coupl eof bad movies and also talk lots of a few lovely books. Not today. Maybe tomorrow. Or this weekend.

I love you. No one else. No The Mr won't read this. Hopefully not.

P.S. : The title is what I wanted to tell this guy at work who was talking about what is happening in my life to someone else when I was not around. And the come right back to me and talk as if nothing happened. Anyways, I tell myself am TOO HAPPY to bother :)

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In which I try to rhyme...

Deep in the jungle of Grandma's lore,
Loud and wild was Rhonda's roar
In a twist of quirky fate
Rodney was away on a trip of great taste
Leaving Rhonda to do many a chore!

Now Rhonda ain't no mean girl
She can make many Rodneys, around her paw, twirl.
While The King is away
The Queen has the lair in her sway
She is indeed The Jungle's Royal pearl.

Disco beats were heard far and wide
Out came the jungle, in feathers & hide
Everyone was on the dance floor
From Trendy Gef to Lefty ,the Boar
While Rodney sat in conference, eating his pride!

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