Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Year Resolution that never left paper

This New Year I was watching Monk and when Randy Disher talked about his epiphany, I had mine too -
Happiness is a choice.
Two and half months later I am yet to make that choice.

Life intervened.

I am not saying I never tried. There was this one week in mid-Jan when I was really relaxed and smiled my way through everything. Even when I didn't want to smile I atleast did not growl and grunt.
But it stopped with that week.

Maybe I'll have better luck rest of this month.

And to help me with this, everyday I am going to post something I am happy about, thankful for in my life.
Yes yes, one of those zillion boring snippets of my life but then I don't want to be this 'angry young woman' self for the rest of my life.

I fail to enjoy The Implet counting cracks on the pavement and instead concentrate on the fact that she's wasted 10 minutes of my time when I could be elsewhere... doing what you ask? chores, what else!
I fail to pick up Paco who's trying his best to climb up my leg and instead stare into the laptop and whine about how I am always running to catch up.
I fail to appreciate The Implet's new found tastes in food and instead gripe that she refuses to eat what I cook and hence making my life difficult.

In short, there are just too many moments I fail to appreciate and treasure for what they really are - Life's gifts to me.

So here's to seeing the glass half full - always!

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