Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sprinkle some Golden Magic

The early morning sun noiselessly creeped into the nursery, its long golden hands trying to nudge the inhabitants awake. Princess Maya slowly opened one eye and peeked; Did her toy horse just twitch and try to push the Sun's hand away? Or did Missy Pig flutter her wings? Now she was fully awake.

She got up and tottered to the edge of her crib to check on her animal friends. No, the animal carvings on her crib rail were just that...wooden and unmoving. She stretched her tiny hands towards the window to catch a fistful of the sun. Maybe if she rubbed their back with the sun, they might just wake up. Just then the door to the Royal Nursery opened and in walked Little Princess.

"How's my little sunshine today?" cooed Little Princess as she lifted Princess Maya off the crib. 
"Great!" answered Princess Maya, "I just want to go out and play in the garden. Let me down. Now!" 
Afraid she was going to drop the squirming baby, Little Princess held onto her tightly as she danced her way to the divan by the window. She laid Princess Maya on the divan and proceeded to tell her the story of The Raven and The Owl while dressing her in clothes appropriate for royalty.

Littlest Princess gave her mother an exasperated look.
"Can I go to the garden now? I am all dressed." she said and tried to wriggle from her mother's arms and out the window. Little Princess pulled her back and smiled sweetly, "There! Look how pretty you look. Now we need to go for breakast with your father. You know how he dislikes being late for The Royal Court".

Princess Maya shouted, "But, but I want to climb that tree and pull all that grass and, and..." Why wasn't her mom understanding what she was saying? Little did she know that all that her mom ever heard was "Goojibooji boo gaaga baaji" in different tones.

Maya looked out the window, at her favourite mango tree and the crow sitting on it and sighed, "Isn't there anyone who can understand what I say?"
"I can" said the crow.

Princess Maya stared at the crow and then she smiled. She knew the Golden Sun was magical. If only she could sprinkle some on her mom. 
"Wait for me. I'll be back" she crooned from her mother's arms. The crow smiled back at her and winked as the tiny hands disappeared behind the door.

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

While you were sleeping...

I can't remember the last time I had a really sound sleep.
Wait! I do remember. It was the night of Jan 3rd, 2008. After finally realising that the baby was in no hurry to make an appearance, they gave me some sleeping pills and I was knocked out flat. After that I haven't slept. Period.

No I am NOT exaggerating. All those who very sweetly suggest I 'sleep when the baby sleeps', are welcome to take my imp home and try to do the same. It just ain't possible. Primo, really tiny babies seldom sleep for 6 hours at stretch. Secundo, when they do sleep soundly, it is truly 'soundly'. They snort, whimper, smile, laugh, short they make such a big deal out of soft noises that you end up sitting awake and staring at the li'l bundle. (To all those who claim they get no calls/emails/blogposts on time - I am one helluva sleep deprived Mommysaurus.)

Thirdo (I do not know Spanish, so excuse) you just aren't sleepy when they are asleep. Like now. The Imp is finally in bed and she would be taking her power nap for another hour or so but for the life of me, I am unable to sleep. I tossed and turned, wrote 2 posts and 2 stories in my head, made a to-do list for The Mr to tackle and finally gave up. 

It's like the bedtime song I sing to her, 'Kaalamithu Kaalamithu' from the movie 'Chithi' a girl you get to sleep only at birth. I guess my time to sleep is over and done with. Somewhere down the line, without my knowledge I must've grown up. Darn it!

There are lullabies to be sung, cookies to bake, stories to share and dances to swing to...sigh. I don't think I'll be sleeping any time soon. What if she 'grows up' while I am sleeping?

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