Friday, January 11, 2008

A Teeny Tiny Adventure

The Man and the Little Princess were pretty content in their little kingdom. But content doesn't make for excitement. Being the adventurous kind they went looking for it and found it in the words of the famous magician Asillem,

"Deep in the jungles of Rubalo lies The Magic Diamond which can grant wishes. The diamond hangs around the neck of a parrot which is in a golden cage atop the Banyan tree. The only catch is the tree is invisible. However you can see the tree if an animal or object would ram into it at great speeds. Ofcourse, I can only tell you where the tree is expected to stand but to make an invisble tree appear depends on your smarts"

On the outskirts of the kingdom they ran into a small donkey which offered to carry them to the jungle of Rubalo. As payment the Little Princess was to give it three drops of her blood every night. The Man was sceptic that such a skinny donkey can carry both their weight. But with no one else to guide them, even an overambitious donkey was a help one didn't want to lose.

Armed with nothing but their wits and a donkey that claimed to understand incomprehensible directions, the couple set out in search of The Magic Diamond. At their first rest stop, the Little Princess gave the donkey three drops of her blood as promised. The group fell asleep in a run down shed, each one caught in their own dreams.

Sunrise found The Man staring at a sturdy mule instead of a donkey. Looking at his bewildered face the mule answered, " Well this is old magic. The Little Princess' blood will transform me to aid you in this adventure. Trust me, we'll reach Rubalo soon." Every night, the donkey drank three drops of blood and grew into a bigger and stronger animal by morning. After weeks of travel they finally reached the jungle of Rubalo, sitting on a huge mountain elephant.

The elephant staggered its way towards the glade where the invisible tree's roots were and stopped. The Man asked it to run to the glade at top speed but the elephat just shook its head.
"Run headlong into a tree I can't see? Sorry Your highness, that wasn't part of the deal. I only offered to carry you to Rubalo not break my head."

For the next 55 hours The Man and the Little Princess prodded, poked, pushd, cajoled and begged the elephant but to no avail. The elephant stood its ground and refused to budge an inch. Crestfallen and tired from the effort of pushing an elephant, Little Princess sank to the ground; disgusted with the turn of events The Man flung his sword at the glade and sat next to the Little Princess.

As the sword flew into the glade, it hit something and fell to the ground with a thud and a huge Banyan tree sprung to life before their eyes. Wonder and happiness writ all over his face, The Man looked at Little Princess and they both hugged each other in silence. Leaving her side, The Man slowly climbed up the tree and came down with the parrot in its golden cage. The Little Princess slid her little hand in between the bars of the cage and removed the diamond from the parrot's neck.

The second her hand clasped The Diamond the parrot spoke,
" As you both know this diamond grants wishes. But both of you need to wish for the same thing. You cannot tell each other what your wishes are. If you wish for different things, the diamond will break in two and the magic will fail."
Saying this the parrot disapeared from the cage. The Man and the Little Princess made their way back to their kingdom on the elephant.

Sun rays caught in the Diamond grinned back at the two expectant faces. The Magic Diamond lay on top of a silk cusion in the palace. The Man and the Little Princess looked at each other, closed their eyes and made their wishes. Was it a second or a timespand, no one can tell. Silence in the room was like a heavy blanket. And piercing the blanket came the wail of a little baby.

The couple opened their eyes and found a beautiful baby girl lying on the silk cushion; an heir to the throne. Little Princess looked into The Man's eyes and smiled. Magic was not in the diamond but in two minds that thought alike. Magic is the smile on the littlest princess' lips.
Magic is Maya.

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