Friday, August 05, 2016

Day1: Love your spouse Challenge

When I saw those photos show up on my FB feed with the "Love Your Spouse Challenge" it irked me. Not because I felt other people had lovable spouses but  why was it a challenge to post a picture with your spouse to prove your love. What kind of mental crap was this? I knew I would fail at that horribly because The Mr and I hardly take any photos together.

But as I went through a few hours( okay, who am i kidding. a few days) of frustration towards The Mr, I decided to turn this on its head and do a challenge here on my blog. For all intents and purposes this is kind of private nowadays :)

I will find one trait everyday that makes me love/like/tolerate The Mr. Not to show the world but to tell myself it is all about the glass being half-full.

What I love the most about The Mr is his ability to plan a vacation really well. When it comes to having a wonderful adventure or a unique experience he hardly ever cuts corners. If it was left to me I would just spend the hours looking up places to go and reading up the history of the place but forget all about the tickets and hotels.

Take this weekend for instance. I have always wanted to go white water rafting but it was never an option with kids. Now that the kids are enjoying the vacation in India, I tried to reserve a trip but the booking fell through. I had given up on that and moved on to other stuff. But he found another place, reserved the rafting and we are off in another hour.

Yes, the man hates to clean the house but he sure as hell can rock my boat after all these years.
Here's to more adventures!